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In ‘Psychology of Positive Aging’ researcher, trainer and author Ellen Heuven links the individual life stories of twenty women around the globe with scientific insights from, among others, positive psychology. The book focuses not so much on how lives become easier or more comfortable with aging, but rather on the expanding set of life skills that helps women to deal with the challenges and joys of life. Positive aging does not mean achieving wealth, being in shape or flourishing in an inspiring marriage. While these conditions can certainly contribute to a sense of well-being in aging, the emphasis of this book is on inner qualities, talents, attitudes, and the art of living all of which can be developed and cultivated regardless of circumstances.


“While it is undeniable that certain physical functions start to decline from a certain age, both the life stories of the interviewees and scientific literature show that psychological functioning can become more robust into old age” says Heuven. The women in this book are inspiring role models who show how you can grow, live a fulfilling live and achieve goals, not so much DESPITE but WITH or THANKS to aging. As American psychiatrist Gene Cohen once commented: “There is no denying the problems that accompany aging, but what has been universally denied is the potential.”

The book targets both 50-plus women, physicians, geriatrics, psychologists, policy makers and business leaders.

‘Psychology of Positive Aging’ is now available as ebook and print versions at Amazon.

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