1. Surround yourself with Positive People : Edwina

Strive for positivity - Cherish your marriage- Surround yourself with positive people -  Change the perception of aging

2. Dancing from Spotlight to Spotlight: Heleen

Dancing as a rejuvenation and happiness elixir - Keep playing - Broaden your perspective - Structure and let go - Use different strategies to deal with problems - Reframe


3. Expand your (Sexual) Horizons: Ayla

Fulfilling the need for autonomy, connectedness and competence - Think, dream and act autonomously - Allow yourself to have an affair - Postmenopause sexual awakening -  Boost your sexual self-efficacy


4. Follow the Savoir-Vivre of the Blue Zones: Adriane

Move naturally - Find a reason to get up in the morning - Shift down - Nurture contacts with your neighbours - Use implementation intentions - Adopt a dog

5. Psychological Capital: Helena

Build up psychological capital - Appreciate being single


6. The Power of Positivity, Faith and Discipline: Mary Ann

Increase positivity -Share positivity - Have faith - Work out- Positive discipline


7. Embrace Aging: Deana

Embrace aging - Postmenopause as a Second Spring - Discover the superpower of imagined weaknesses - Seek help to transition menopause


8. Love your authentic self: Neşe

Decide on your own standards of beauty - Be authentic - Develop emotional granularity- Self-love as a resource for aging


9. Skilfully Managing Your Emotions: Sibel

Allow yourself to experience difficult emotions -Notice what you are feeling with compassion - Move from reacting to responding -Understand what your emotions are telling you


10. The Power of Friendship: Mary Jo

Create a vision of how you want to look in the future - Appreciate your aging parents - Enjoy self-confidence- Set your own goals in dating - Embrace friendships

11. This is your Time to Grow: Angelika

Connect your body and mind - Adopt a growth mindset - This is the time for spiritual growth


12: The Power of Small Steps Forward: Annelies

Set goals - SMART small steps forward - Use your strengths in new situations - Enjoy consciously


13. Make the world a better place through art: Sofia

Make the world a better place - Get involved in art


14. Post-Traumatic Growth : Clare

Choose how you relate to difficulties - Ordinary resilience and trauma as a path to growth -  Seek (professional) help


15. Surround yourself with Children: Entelien

Stay active with the things you love - Cherish equanimity - Surround yourself with (young) people - Find a reason to get out of bed every morning - Think of what you can give - Keep making the effort for your relationship


16. Check and Boost your Beliefs about Aging: Irit

Beliefs and behavior - Boost your beliefs about aging  - Change normative beliefs about aging - Believe in your aging self - Use your creativity - Become an olderpreneur


17. The Courage to Get Up : Leyla

Be a role model - Speak up  - Empower other women - Develop courage -Choose learning over looks


18. Radical acceptance: Ette

Accept yourself completely- Move along with changing roles - Resources in dealing with illness - Continue to learn and move


19. Self-transcendence as a path to positive aging: Karen

Incorporate positive cultural examples of aging - Slow the aging process through meditation -  Serve some greater good


20. Yes I can: Orna

Step out of an unhealthy relationship - Adopt a survivor mindset - Unveiling the real you -  Identify people who give you empathy and strength  - Yes, you can